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the health

spa experience

Our inspiration is our passion to promote health and wellness. We always give the best on every treatment you will have because we love what we do, and how we can make a difference in your life once you're relaxed, and relieved from your stressful daily lifestyle.

our spa

         Massage Bodywork Spa Station is a new spa destination in the heart of Encino, CA, with eight          ultra-comfortable treatment rooms offering a complete full service of a clean, relaxing and

ultimately therapeutic massage and skin treatment experience. 

skin bar

We work miracles here! Our facials renew your skin instantly, as well as the products we use. We only recommend the best skin regimen that personally suits your skin needs. At the skin bar, we can demonstrate, talk and show you how to take care of your skin, and get your youthful glow. 

treatment rooms

We have nine ultra-comfortable treatment rooms offering a complete full service of a clean, relaxing and ultimately therapeutic massage and skin treatment experience.  Moreover, we can accommodate upto 6 clients in one room, at the same time - perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Graduation, Mother's Day, Corporate Day, and many more.

Our  Bodyworkers

      Our Bodyworkers are all certified and licensed to practice in the state of California. They are independent contractor which they control their own time, rates, and services; working along with MBspaS to create value rates for clients to enjoy and benefit more on their therapeutic treatments.


We are accessibly located by the 405 Freeway and 101 Freeway. It is also only two blocks from a commuter train stop. We have an excellent curb appeal on the valley's busiest thoroughfare. We also feature a subterranean underground parking that gives our clients FREE 2HR COMPLIMENTARY.

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